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How taekwondo changed a student’s life

One of the reasons why Fightmaster is so passionate about taekwondo is because of her instructors and teammates, she says they're family.

Emily Osterholz, Arts & Life editor

January 25, 2017

She grips the red handle tightly, extending the white tip further in front of her. The fading sun eliminates the remaining light and as evening sets in, Clara Fightmaster makes her way from the science building. She felt watched. Are they staring at me? Do they think I’m weird? Are they laughing at m...

VIDEO: NKU to raise awareness about learning disabilities

VIDEO: NKU to raise awareness about learning disabilities

Michaela Beechem, Staff Writer

October 14, 2015

This October, students, staff and faculty alike will notice a few additions while walking around campus. Disability awareness signs will be lining the sidewalks and posters in the Student Union. They will feature 32 students brave enough to state, “I have a disability, and I am not ashamed to talk about...

University attempts to address small desk issue

A professor works with a student in a Griffin hall classroom. The open desks and floor plan provides a more interactive classroom environment.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

October 2, 2014

Student government works to ‘bridge the gap’ between a student-body concern and its administrative response   NKU administration and Student Government Association (SGA) have heard the concerns of students across campus regarding desks in classrooms that are much too small. SGA members ...

‘Fitting in’ isn’t an option for some students with diverse body types

Several NKU students struggle to fit comfortably in desks in Founder's Hall. Groups of students have shared their frustrating experiences with the small desks found in Landrum Academic Center and Founder's Hall with The Northerner.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

September 1, 2014

As she sat down in a dark and outdated classroom to stuff resource bags for the homeless, she quickly realized something peculiar about her desk in the Landrum Academic Center. Small desks deliver discomforting disturbances Senior sociology major Tara Pennington recognized that the des...

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