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In Madagascar, caring is a community affair

Professor Douglas Hume with his research assistants in Mahatsara, Madagascar, in summer 2012; they were conducting an ethnographic interview with an informant (not pictured).

Natalie Hamren, Assistant News Editor

February 12, 2018

The act of caring for yourself, or self-care, varies from culture to culture. People all across the world demonstrate care for themselves based on their needs or the needs of their larger community. According to Dr. Douglas Hume, department chair of sociology, anthropology and philosophy, the Malaga...

Students climb to success with new book

Students climb to success with new book

Matt Popovich, Contributing Writer

September 27, 2012

Not everyone gazes upon a mundane looking staircase and asks themselves how it could shed light on a city historically, socioeconomically and geographically. But that is exactly what two Northern Kentucky University seniors have done, and on a grand scale. Andrew Boehringer, a history and anthropology...

Enrollment peaks for anthro majors

Enrollment peaks for anthro majors

Roxanna Blevins, Assignment editor

January 11, 2012

Northern Kentucky University’s anthropology program has earned its bragging rights. The program boasted an all-time high in enrollment, with 118 anthropology majors as of the fall 2011 semester. The number of anthropology majors enrolled is comparable in relation to other majors at NKU, with the...

In memory: Dr. Timothy Murphy

Matthew Brewer

February 3, 2011

Northern Kentucky University mourns the loss of a distinguished anthropology professor. Dr. Timothy D. Murphy died January 24, 2011 at the Indiana Regional Medical Center in Indiana, Pa. near the home of one of his sons. Services were held at the Bence-Mihalcik Funeral Home in Indiana, Pa. on Jan....

‘Unconscionable’ practices: Professor uses strong words to criticize response to suspicious mail

Jesse Call

November 17, 2010

U.S. Postal Inspectors say they are not actively investigating the recent suspicious packages, one bearing the words “small pox,” sent to Northern Kentucky University’s anthropology department all while one professor has called the decisions not to notify campus or interview the people in the anthropology...

NKU receives second suspicious package

Jesse Call

November 10, 2010

Federal agents responded to a call from Northern Kentucky University after another suspicious package addressed to the anthropology department was received in the campus mail room exactly one month after an envelope bearing the words “small pox” prompted concern and investigation. The second env...

Federal Agents Investigate NKU Smallpox Threat

Jesse Call

October 6, 2010

Federal and campus law enforcement agents responded to a smallpox threat at Northern Kentucky University on Sept. 28 and ultimately determined it was a hoax. However, the investigation on what prompted the scare is ongoing and the perpetrators could face imprisonment under federal felony charges. An env...

Anthropology: “Excitment Brings Them in, and Jobs Keep Them”

Matt Brewer

October 6, 2010

The anthropology field is not a dying field; many students just think it is. While there may not be as many trips to the rainforest as there once were, businesses everywhere are hiring anthropologists to do research for their company. “I encourage students to follow their hearts, at least long enou...

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