NKU receives second suspicious package

Federal agents responded to a call from Northern Kentucky University after another suspicious package addressed to the anthropology department was received in the campus mail room exactly one month after an envelope bearing the words “small pox” prompted concern and investigation.

The second envelope was declared safe and is now under investigation as charges are considered. Additional charges could be brought against the sender if it is the same person.

Postal Inspectors said they believe there is a link between the Sept. 28 “small pox” envelope and the Oct. 28 envelope.

The second envelope bore the same characteristics as the first, including the same handwriting style and the use of many random statements on the envelope. However, this envelope did not contain a specific threat or the words “small pox” on it, according to Lisa Fitzpatrick, public information officer with the U.S. Postal Inspectors. Nonetheless, the Postal Inspectors assumed a threat and examined the envelope for any danger before declaring it safe.

“Bonanno for President,” “House break-in candidates,” ”Bank of America says Country-wide,” “$surf-board safari Elections N.Y.,” were the phrases listed on the front of the envelope.

Again, the second letter contained only newspaper clippings which did not, according to Fitzpatrick, “pertain to anything.” This time the clippings were from the Suffolk Times in New York state.

“At this point, (Postal Inspectors) are just trying to find out who’s doing it,” Fitzpatrick said, and she appealed to the NKU community for tips. Anyone with information about these alleged crimes should contact the United States Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455.

Despite the previous envelope labeled “small pox,” this similar envelope also did not prompt any emergency procedures such as building evacuations or the activation of Norse Alert, the emergency address system for NKU.

Story by Jesse Call