NKU athletics and Braxton Brewing agree to partnership


Photo Courtesy of NKU Athletics

NKU Athletics announced that they will be partnering with Braxton Brewing to create a beer garden

Christopher Decker, Managing Editor

Northern Kentucky Athletics announced Tuesday they will be partnering with the Covington based Braxton Brewing Company to create the Braxton Beer Garden in BB&T Arena. Braxton will also be creating a new beer called the “Norse Pale Ale.”

“Norse Pale Ale is a bright, citrus-forward pale ale that is sure to be a fan favorite,” Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO at Braxton Brewing Company, said in a statement, “and there’s no better place to enjoy it than the newly constructed Braxton Beer Garden right in BB&T Arena.”.

The beer garden will be located in the Valhalla veranda at the south end of BB&T Arena and will feature a bar made of empty bourbon barrels, high definition TVs and Braxton imagery.

Admission to the beer garden is free; food will also be available for purchase. The Braxton Beer Garden will be open for the first time on Nov. 4, when the men’s and women’s basketball teams open up exhibition play. The women start at noon, while the men are scheduled to start at 2:30. 

It will also be open during for the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball games that will be played at BB&T Arena this season. The beer garden will also be open for concerts and other events held in BB&T Arena.