Hot Seat: KC Straley

KC Straley



Early Childhood Education

KC Straley has appeared in eight games for the Norse this season, where she has a .261 batting average with six hits in 23 at-bats. She is a graduate of Conner High School, but transferred here from Louisville. Last season, she played all 50 games in centerfield. But what else do you know about KC?


Q: What is your favorite pre-game meal?

A: Wherever Coach takes us for our free meal.


Q: Do you have any sports-related superstitions?

A: Yes, I always wear my belt one belt loop over. My buckle never stays in the front.


Q: What would be your best achievement to date?

A: When I was nominated for pre-season All-Conference team.


Q: What is the number one song on your iPod?

A: “The Motherload” by Mastadon.


Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Robert Downey, Jr. or Evan Peters.


Q: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

A: Build a house right next to mine down River Road.


Q: What scares you the most? Why?

A: I’m really scared of failing.


Q: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

A: Strawberry.


Q: What is your dream vacation destination?

A: Somewhere in Europe. I’ve never been overseas.


Q: What other sport do you wish you were equally as good at?

A: Volleyball.


Q: What is your favorite TV show or movie?

A: Tom and Jerry or Looney Toons.


Q: What is your favorite holiday? Why?

A: Halloween because I like dressing up.


Q: What are your hobbies outside of softball?

A: I play Pokemon a lot.