What you missed at the SGA meeting

Aug. 29, 2016

This week’s SGA meeting covered topics ranging from a drop in summer enrollment rates, as well as a plan to improve enrollment in summer courses and reserved parking spaces for veterans who have received a purple heart.

A dip in summer enrollment

Over the past five years, NKU has suffered a loss of summer enrollment rates, according to Kim Scranage, vice president of Enrollment and Degree Management.

Scranage was accompanied by a four-person committee working to increase enrollment rates during the summer.

The average student takes six credit hours during the summer period, according to the group’s presentation. The group recommended a 14-week summer class system with two six-week sessions with a week between to give students and professors alike breathing room.

The motion to approve the proposal was voted on unanimously.

Introducing purple heart parking

A list of purple heart recipients are currently being compiled in order for the recipients to have their own reserved parking spaces, which will be implemented into campus within the school year.