Student reaction to athletic director termination


“I play soccer here but I just transferred so I didn’t know him very well. I thought it was odd that they let everyone know he was fired but didn’t say why.”

– Tanner Ruberg, Sophomore, Exercise science


“ If they’re going to send everyone an email about it they should at least say why he was fired.”

 – Lance White, Junior, Computer science


“I’m curious as hell. I think it did more damage sending out the email… causing so much speculation. When you don’t tell people the truth their minds go to the worse thing.”

 – Maggie Altimier, Senior, History


“I want to know all the juicy details but I guess it will come with time.”

 – Chris Walters, Sophomore, Marketing


“I’m confused mostly because I don’t really know why it happened. I’d like to know more because I’m nosy.”

– Isis Solomon, Sophomore, Public relations