Woodie Awards arouse college students’ attention

Coming to you directly from the Rosemary Ballroom in New York City, I present the new generation of musicians voted for by college students, for college students at the 2008 MTV Woodie Awards.

It is the only award show that allows college students to make the ultimate decision on the best music of the year and the best new up-and-coming talent as well as chance to see real artists that not might be the mainstream pop icons we are so fed up with.

The MTV Woodie Awards are not as popular as the Video Music Awards or even the Teen Choice Awards. Coming from a personal observer mixed among the talent and fans, the Woodie Awards are completely different than any other award show.

There is no assigned seating keeping you at a glaring distance from your favorite celebs and there is no parental supervision, but there are special passes that prevent or encourage you to mingle in certain areas in the award show.

Being at the Woodie Awards is like being in a huge nightclub: There were two stages, one for performances, which there were tons of, and one for announcing the awards and other entertainment. The celebs mixed with the fans on the main floor which required a special VIP pass. However, anyone could get one if they ordered a ticket in enough time. There were bars, a lot of alcohol consumption and a musician at every angle.

At one point I found myself rubbing elbows with Moby and a member of Boys Likes Girls. Not too shabby.

Standing my ground on the red carpet, I got to speak with celebrities like Jack’s Mannequin, DJ Atrack, Motion City Soundtrack, Bride Wore Black, All-American Rejects and Kid Sister, not that I’m name dropping.

The celebrities were approachable and actually seemed more nervous than the reporters who anxiously awaited their arrival. The artists generally appreciated the attention and knew how to have a good time.

Out of all the celebrities, rapper Kid Sister was the most outgoing and approachable.

“I hope I don’t fall, because my ankles are weak and crummy and made of fat,” Kid Sister said.” “And I am also thinking I am going to be ticked if Chromeo doesn’t win.”

As she exited the red carpet area, Kid Sister peeked her head around the corner and made sure to mention: “The food. I am also looking forward to catering.”

When I asked Motion City Soundtrack how they prepared for this exciting evening, the reply was simple, “Let’s see, we showered, shaved, played some video games and we might have used the bathroom.”

There is so much more such as which celebrities won, what they wore and who came with whom, but didn’t leave together. I would give away the gossip but it will be so much better if you just tune in.

The 2008 MTV Woodie Awards will air Nov. 19 on MTVU, which just so happens to be a channel offered in the dorms. So tune in and enjoy real music and not the pop-studded theatricals you’re used to.