The Fix deux

It seems being the president’s daughter isn’t as bad as most would think. Sure having a constant fleet of secret service agents following your every mall adventure and date would be an absolute disaster, but who’s to say that the perks don’t out weigh the conflicts?

According to, Malia and Sasha Obama, the two young daughters of the newly elected President-Elect Barack Obama, are being rumored to be on an episode of Hannah Montana.

Billy Ray Cyrus told Access Hollywood earlier this week that the girls have been invited to appear in an episode of his daughter’s hit TV show on Disney.

Obama better be careful. I’m sure he doesn’t want his daughters to be wearing racy clothing and prancing around Hollywood with their 20-year-old underwear model boyfriends at the not-so-legal age of 15.

“Karma’s a b*****,” the saying goes, and Angelina Jolie is proving how true that is. According to, just as Jolie admitted to her love affair with Brad Pitt occurring while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston during the filming of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” she is going through the same hardships she put Aniston through.

It seems while Pitt has been in Germany shooting his new movie “Inglorious Bastards,” actress Diane Kruger have been getting close and worrying Jolie about her relationship with Pitt.

Kruger worked with Pitt in the 2004 movie, “Troy.” However, at the time Kruger was married. Now divorced, she seems to be getting a little too close and comfortable for Jolie’s liking. What a funny thing karma is.

Kruger hasn’t exactly been very discrete about her affections for Pitt.

“I have lots of scenes with him,” Kruger gushed to a German newspaper about working together again. “Troy was my first international film, and I was still married back then. I’m excited to work with Brad.”

According to, a source revealed to them that she has been spotted putting her arm around Pitt and whispering things in his ear and Pitt seems to be very charmed by her.

In the meantime, Aniston has to be enjoying the sweet karma train that is hitting Jolie.

Quote of the Week:

“I would like to adopt someday, thank you. I think if you adopt, you really have to go brown with it because otherwise you don’t get the credit.” (

– Sarah Silverman