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The news has shaken the world of famous Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein, better known as former fianc’eacute; of Nicole Richie, surviving a plane crash that killed the four of the six passengers aboard the Learjet. The pictures are unnerving and the scene miraculous, but somehow the two celebrities managed to survive the crash with second and third-degree burns.

Both Barker and Goldstein are expected to make full recoveries, but doctors at Joseph M. Burn Center at Doctors’ Hospital in Augusta, GA said burns like the ones Barker and Goldstein endured may take up to a year to recover from.

“Since both Barker and Goldstein are in overall good health and didn’t suffer from any other crash-related complications, a full recovery is expected,” said Dr. Fred Mullins of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors’ Hospital in Augusta at a press conference on Sept. 21.

The crash occurred briefly after leaving the Columbia, S.C. airport around midnight on Sept. 21.

“The plane crashed on takeoff and went through a fence near Highway 302, then crossed the road and went up an embankment before being filled with flames,” Lynne Dougas, spokesperson for the Columbia Metropolitan Airport told “There was debris all over the runway. We are closed now and hope to reopen later today.”

Air-traffic controllers did report seeing sparks on the runway before the Learjet took off, however, at this time the crash is still under speculation.

Those killed in the crash were pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, co-pilot James Bland, 52, security guard Charles Still, 25, and Barker’s assistant Chris Baker, 29. My prayers go out to the friends and family members of the victims during this hard time.

Dane Cook is haunted and he likes it. While some celebrities are fighting for their lives, Cook is fighting for his apartment. According to the comedic genius who gets laughs on the big screen and on stage was summoned to court due to an eviction notice from his apartment in August, that he believes has supernatural force.

John Belushi and Steve Martin were both former residents in the apartment and Cook believes he will get a severe case of comedian block if forced to leave from the historical abode.

Cook’s eviction came about when the divo comedian refused to pick up his dog’s droppings from the premises.

“Lawyers appeared in court yesterday and Cook abandoned the appeal,” reported “The case has settled and the way we understand it, Cook has paid the landlord an undisclosed sum of money for the case to go away.”

Cook did give up the apartment and now is residing in a $7 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Lindsay Lohan has come out! It’s not about drugs or alcohol addiction either, she is officially part of the lesbian club, joining Ellen DeGeneres and Cynthia Nixon, to name a few.

Lohan and long-time suspected girlfriend Samantha Ronson made it official when they called into “Loveline” to speak about the plane crash that Travis Barker and DJ AM’s were in on Sept. 21.

According to, “DJ Stryker, host of “Loveline,” wished them well with a compliment, ‘I hope you guys stay together, you’re a very lovely looking couple,’ for which Lindsay thanked him.”

This seems to be just what Lohan needed. With years of identity crisis syndrome, she finally seems to be in a good place with her life and on the right track. From matching rings, to rumors of artificial insemination, Lohan and Ronson are definitely “the” happy couple” in Hollywood right now.

Breaking news! As of Sept. 23, Clay Aiken is officially gay!

I mean, we all saw it coming. I guess the questioning became too much for Aiken to take, so he finally admitted that he liked men.

According to, “Clay, 29, who most recently starred in Broadway’s Spamalot, just welcomed a son named Parker Foster Aiken with his 50-year-old record producer pal Jaymes Foster.”

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“I am truly not one to give advice. I’m divorced and I stole my best friend’s husband.” –Denise Richards, speaking about relationships. (