SGA approves increase in tuition, financial aid

The Student Government Association approved increasing tuition to fund financial aid and scholarships at its meeting April 21. That resolution also eliminated the non-refundable fee for students who wish to take 17 or more credit hours.

With the talk of money, and lack thereof, so prevalent, Gabe Cronon, Vice President of Student Involvement and president-elect, also proposed changing the Legacy Fund so that student organizations can have two travel events totaling $3,000 or one trip equaling $5,000, as well as up to $200 per academic year for operational purposes.

“This is being done to get more funds for student organizations,” Cronon said.

Already $12,000 has been given to organizations traveling between July 1 and September 1.

Ken Ramey, vice president of Finance, and Ed Devoid, Chartwells director, also presented the meal plans for next semester. According to Ramey, of the available seven meal plans, “very few people take advantage of (them).”

Devoid, who presented the majority of the information regarding the meal plans, focused heavily on flex dollars. He added that choosing the right amount of flex and meals is based on students’ lifestyle.

“Flex came because no matter what plan we made, it wasn’t the right plan for everyone,” Devoid said.

Currently Northern Kentucky University’s largest flex plan has $270. Next semester there will be a meal plan available with $400 for the whole semester.

“The more flex you have, the more the meals cost,” Devoid said.

Another major issue brought up in the meeting regarded the C-store. SGA members mentioned that they are usually out of the items people want and the c-store is generally over-crowded and under-staffed.

“It’s too small for what it needs to do,” Devoid said.