The Fix deux

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Katie Holmes, former good girl of Dawson’s Creek and Tom Cruise’s current luggage, err, wife, has stretched herself too thin between filming, taking care of look-a-like daughter Suri and keeping up with Tom’s energetic nature. reported that while Holmes was having lunch at L.A.’s Joan’s on Third, she appeared to be very faint, her skin was pale and “she looked feeble and emaciated.” After leaving her favorite restaurant, Holmes was seen bracing herself against the door of her waiting SUV while her bodyguard guided her skinny frame into the vehicle.

“Katie doesn’t get enough sleep – and hasn’t for months now,” one insider said. “She’s tired and drained much of the day because Tom is wired and they stay awake until after midnight. He has boundless energy and she just can’t compete.”

Ever since Cruise’s famous interview on Oprah, where he was bouncing around from couch to couch and screaming like a crazy person, the whole world has been aware of his exocentric behavior. Apparently those bursts of energy aren’t just stored up for talk show appearances.

Holmes may never come to terms with it, but according to sources from, “her superstar husband may be contributing to the debilitating headaches. His high energy is often hard to keep up with and that, paired with her intense need to live up to his expectations, is really taking its toll, both mentally and physically.”

If Holmes didn’t have enough worries, Cruise had left her in charge of redecorating their nearly $35 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion.

Someone needs to tell Holmes that we are no longer in the ’50s and to put her man in place, he may be Tom Cruise, but come on she’s Katie Holmes, she deserves better than a Scientology freak who seems to be on a constant dose of speed and, not to mention, an extreme power trip.

Oh no! The twins are fighting. When you have your hand in a nearly $1 billion fortune, what else is there to do but throw down your Prada and fight for one of your several condos around the country?

Although the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continue to remain close, their riches are causing some serious sibling strife. According to the National Enquirer, “the sisters can’t agree on anything.”

A source tells that “issues allegedly stem from Mary-Kate feeling as though Ashley manipulated her into bad business decisions.”

One such business endeavor was the decision to cut their parents out of their corporation and biggest source of aggravation – Dualstar Entertainment.

The twins are also fighting about Ashley’s idea to sell their New York City condo, the National Enquirer reported.

“They argued over it extensively