From trashy to classy

Spring break is over and if you were one of the fortunate few who actually went on vacation during the long-awaited break, you are most likely rocking a pretty nice tan and ready to show it off.

Just make sure you aren’t slutting it up around campus with strapless low-cut tops and extreme short-shorts. Show off your tan in a way that both your male and female classmates will appreciate.

The best way to wear your shorts.

Women: Let’s face it; no matter how long you spent on that stairmaster before spring break, no one wants to see butt cheeks on their drudge to class. It might have been cute when you were four, but as soon as you were able to read “Cosmopolitan,” you should have definitely known better than to show off your assets. Short shorts were all the rage five years ago, but now it’s time we class it up. Shorts to the mid-thigh or even to the knee offer a respectable and adorable look for any college girl. Board shorts are relatively cheap if you venture to Old Navy or Forever 21 and they really spiff up your appearance.

Men: Toss out those jean shorts. The denim bottoms scream, “I am stuck in the 90s!” Instead of putting on faded denim, reach for a nice pair of khaki shorts or a crisp pair of cargo shorts. Just make sure that you keep those boxers tucked in your pants and out of plain sight where they belong.

From muscle shirts to structured jackets.

Women: Before we rake in the long manhours for finals, the weather is going to be less than spaghetti strap friendly. Whenever attending class, going to work or even going out to eat with friends, it’s always a good idea to wear a three quarter length jacket, or depending on the weather, a long-sleeved structured jacket.

A spaghetti-strapped shirt around campus just tells guys you are ready to get undressed and it gives females their next victim to mock. Weather it’s hot or cold, cover up those shoulders, spare everyone else the sight of your cleavage and save a little for the imagination. Those tiny tops are perfect for nightclubs, not for toting around the plaza.

Men: It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hitting the gym or thumbing around with a video game controller, there is nothing tackier than wearing a muscle shirt outside of the gym. It’s just as easy to slip on a polo or a freshly ironed button up. Every girl enjoys a little muscle, but save it for the bedroom and impress her with your chic, but comfortable, outfit.

Wear REAL sandals, not flip flops.

Women: We all worship our cheap and easy to grab flip-flops, but it’s time we face our age and wear more grown-up and attractive footwear. Nothing dresses down a well-put together outfit than dingy flip-flops that look like they’ve been through devastating weather and are barely staying together. The material alone depreciates the whole look you were going for.

If you are trying to pull off that “I know what I am doing look,” go for a more elegant and nicely made sandal, adding a nice little heel also flatters to your figure and adds a little flare to your walk. However, make sure you aren’t sprouting four-inch spikes on the bottom of your foot; you don’t want to look like you just got off the pole.

Men: You are just as guilty as women when it comes to sporting those cheap, worn out flip-flops. Sandals are especially nice during the summer, so venture into American Eagle or even Payless and get some nice, respectable footwear. And remember, if you are worried about showing off your pale or less than appealing tootsies, either hit the tanning bed or throw on those tennis shoes. Socks accompanied by sandals are a definite no-no.