Vending machines dispense pot

Ganja, pot, wacky terbacky, super grass, Mary Jane, dew and hemp are only a few of the nearly 200 slang words that appeared when marijuana was Googled.

This popular, and ever so illegal, herb has been hitting the front pages of newspapers across California as the Herbal Nutrition Center in LA opened their first marijuana vending machines on Feb. 11, the Associated Press reported.

The vending machines are only located in the nutrition center and are strictly for patients with medical needs such as Glaucoma and some forms of Cancer. The drug is not available for use as a curative; it is simply being used as a pain reliever.

These drug dispensing machines will be housed in a room with round the clock security guards and require a special medical card that must be presented at all times to receive the medicinal marijuana.

In order for a patient to use the controversial vending machine, they must first receive a prescription from their doctors, get finger printed and receive their card which has the dosage and what brand of weed loaded on it; two brands are offered as of now, Grandaddy Purple and Og Kush, reported.

The topic of using marijuana, as a pain reliever is one that has been a subject of debate for several years and President

Director of the office of National Drug Control Policy, John Walters, begged Americans that are dependent on the doctor-prescribed drug to look for proven medications, in a White House press release. The drug is only a legally prescribed pain reliever in 12 states according to’s website though, ironically enough, Kentucky, the tobacco state, is not one of those legalized states.

“Too many of our citizens suffer from pain and chronic illnesses,” said John Walters, drug czar, if he has one, in an interview with “Smoking illegal drugs may make some people ‘feel better’ However, civilized societies and modern day medical practices differentiate between inebriation and the safe, supervised delivery of proven medicine by legitimate doctors,” reported.

With identity theft and the digital age providing such a large window to so many aspects of our lives, the time is near that these vending machines become infested by the stoners of our generation looking for their next fix. A plastic card and a security guard are all that stands in a junkie’s way of a nice high.

The vending machines will offer other sought after drugs such as Vicodin, Viagra and Propecia in the near future, reports