Interactivity maybe the future of music videos

Karen Plunkett, Reporter

Alex Murphy-White uses his personal love of music to create an interactive music video for his independent study project.

“I basically wanted to do something different and my band Season Ten is coming out with an EP soon so I wanted to make a music video and make it interactive somehow,” Murphy-White said.

Murphy-White created an interactive music video of his band Season Ten’s song called Mirrors. Each band member’s name is listed out and also there is a band button. You can click on a band member’s name and it will show you that individual playing their part. There are circle buttons next to each band member’s name that will allow the audio to turn off so you can pick which instrument you would like to hear play or you can choose to turn off all the audio and just watch the video.

As a Media Informatics and Graphic Design double major in his fourth year of college; Alex has experience with computers and design, but his mentor Sookyoug Cho helped him with the more technical side to creating his interactive music video.

Murphy-White received inspiration for his interactive music video by looking at the more famous bands who have their own interactive videos such as Arcade Fire and Bob Dylan.

The most difficult thing Murphy-White experienced while creating this project was getting the interactivity to work.

“There were a lot of glitches throughout, somethings would work right, but then other things wouldn’t,” Murphy-White said. “So getting it all to work together was the most difficult part of this project.”