VIDEO: RUSHing into the new year


Women run to their new Greek home. NKU’s sorority bid day occurred on Sunday, Aug. 30.

The once abandoned Griffin Lawn quickly filled with emotion and life as all six of NKU’s sororities gathered on the grass with their bid names, letters, face paint, and a little pep in their step. Each member chanted their chapter’s spirit cries, on one of the biggest days of the year, otherwise known as Bid Day, as they welcomed new women into their chapters.

Madison Mitchell, a junior Delta Zeta member, felt that the most exciting portion lived within the “rush” of new members joining.

“My favorite part about Bid Day was when all of our new girls ran out to us in the lawn,” Mitchell said. “It’s more exciting when you have been in the sorority because you know like, what they are going through, and how they feel when they are standing out there just looking at us right before they run out.”

Sadie Theodore-Powell, a sophomore Delta Zeta member, recalled what it was like to be a freshman accepted as a new member in a sorority.

“I’m a sophomore, so this was just me last year, and it’s awesome to know how they are feeling standing out there and to know what they are coming into, which is so much more awesome than the feeling that they have waiting to run out to us. It [all the work] was a lot, but it was so worth it,” laughed Theodore-Powell. “I just couldn’t wait to get new sisters.”

With Bid Day being the highlight of the weekend, the process of recruitment is more than just one evening. The women who hope to be recruited must spend three days deciphering which organization best fits their personality.

According to Christina Muenchen, a junior affiliated with Theta Phi Alpha, the first night the girls must spend their time speed dating while visiting all six chapters. The second night they spend visiting up to four of the six chapters while learning more about their national philanthropy which is their dedication to promoting and donating to the sorority’s organization of choice. The third night is spent bonding with up to two chosen chapters over sorority rituals, also known as ‘Pref night.’

“I was just so excited to welcome so many new girls into our chapter and it’s amazing to see us grow because you have all the graduating seniors and then you’re like, oh my gosh we’re so small, and within the first two weeks of school you are welcoming so many new girls in,” Muenchen said. “My favorite part is seeing the girls go through the process and falling in love with our chapter, and then getting to see how excited they were to run out to us. That emotion is not something you can recreate anywhere else, and it’s just amazing.”

Haley Schmitgen, a freshman and new Alpha Omicron Pi member, understood the importance of relating to her newfound sisters.

“I loved the excitement of it all,” Schmitgen said. “It’s really fun to meet new people, and then to learn about each chapter. Knowing that everyone is amazing and that they are all going to be there for you, and that you can connect with them makes it [the bonding] so exciting. You have to look at everyone’s philanthropy and see what you can really connect to.”

Kat Wolf, senior and Chapter President of Alpha Omicron Pi, explained how not only are many hours dedicated to creating the best recruiting experience, but they are also dedicated to showing their values without displaying them to the new members from the very start.

“Well we do a lot of prepping, [much like] workshops, where we ask current members about last year and what they thought was cool and important to them,” Wolf said. “And we ask our artsy members, design members, and the ladies that love event planning [to help] so that we can make sure it’s the best that it can possibly be. Oh, and lots of crafting … like lots of crafting; literally, like hours. We had to change a lot since we had to be on campus this year for bid day,” Wolfe said. “But this year we are letting them [new members] do more personal things. We also have ‘panda pals’ for the girls so they can come straight in already making a friend.”

According to Wolf, the big reveal is more than women congregating to celebrate acceptance; it’s finding a supporting family within their new home.

“I think the new girls really see all the support that we get, and that’s the biggest thing to me when we all run out together and to see all the people that come out to watch and all of their excitement,” Wolf said. “They aren’t participating, but there are alums here, fraternity men here, and there’s other organizations that are here on campus just to see us run out, and I think for them to see that they are already being supported in our organization, or any organization that they are in; they get to see how many people care about this which will give them stronger roots on campus.”