Planetarium creates innovative teaching methods

Jessica Kopena, Staff Writer

February 6, 2014
Filed under Arts & Life

The dream of two men started unfolding at NKU when the Haile Digital Planetarium opened its doors helping students learn about the universe in a new way. “It’s the perfect way to educate people... Read more »

Young musicians build friendships at NKU music program

Brittany Smart, Contributing Writer

February 5, 2014
Filed under Arts & Life, Campus Arts

The summer programs sponsored by NKU’s Music Preparatory Department are teaching musicians of all ages a variety of skills that encourage them to develop their talents and love of the arts. All... Read more »

“Lone Survivor”: “Saving Private Ryan” for the Call of Duty Generation?

Robert Huelsman , Video Editor

January 29, 2014
Filed under Arts & Life, Movies

I tend to avoid reading reviews of movies I have not seen. I prefer to read what others have to say after I have my own opinion. However, sometimes the hype for a movie is inescapable, as is the case with Lone Survivor.... Read more »

Student battles bouts of homelessness to pursue dreams of rapping, higher education

Brody Kenny , Contributing Writer

January 23, 2014
Filed under Arts & Life

When Jimmie Reynolds was 11 years old, he wrote his first song. At age 16, his first track “To Mickey D's” was recorded. Now at 21, the junior integrative studies major has recorded two albums, performed live... Read more »