Reflections Thus Far: A Great Plate Update


So here we are in week 3…

Unfortunately I have come down with a small cold of some sort, and I am incredibly annoyed with my lack of motivation to eat anything. I woke up this morning and did my usual routine, but when it came down to eating I snarled at the thought of a bowl of cereal. I am not in the mood to eat any veggies or fruit, but I pushed through and decided to have a good bowl of oatmeal and a banana. I think that since I am holding myself more accountable these past few weeks, I am now mindlessly choosing healthier options.While grocery shopping this weekend for my dorm, I skipped past all the snack foods and artificial stuff. My mouth watered when I saw fresh strawberries and kiwi. It’s like my body is switching into “better options” mode.

I noticed when I do slip up and decide to eat something that isn’t so great for me, my body doesn’t like it. Just a week ago I ate stir fry at the student union, and although I should have been choosing a better option (i.e. lots of veggies and light soy), I decided to have a “what the hell” moment. Realizing later that slipping up might not be worth the good taste.  Although it was super yummy my body didn’t agree with the large amount and unhealthy choice. I felt full, but unsatisfied and slightly upset that I had slipped up. I’m learning more and more about better decisions and how changing is slow, and sometimes seems painful, but it’s a good thing. I am also seeing that I am not punishing myself from these foods and snacks, but I aiding myself to a longer life and a healthier body.

When I was younger I wasn’t worried about the consequences that come with being overweight and out of shape, because I was concerned with fitting in and just having fun. Now that I am reaching adulthood I see that it’s harder to make this change, and I wished my parents would have fed me nothing but carrots and celery when I was little. But I can’t really blame anyone but myself for my mistakes, and It’s not anyone else’s job to make my life easier or better.  I am finding how this lesson can be applied everywhere. If you don’t like something about yourself, or if you feel your not up to par with something in your life, change it. There is nothing stopping you from starting. I plan to continue my journey even after the end of the great plate challenge, why? Because I can’t wait for a fairy godmother to come around and magically whip my butt into shape. I can wish and dream all I want, but it will never be reality until I make an effort.

So for now lets raise our fruit to a healthier lifestyle, and take one bite for the cause, and another for you.. because you’re worth a longer and happier life.

For now,
Miss. Emily Ellen Lindeau

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