Losing your love for reading?

After doing some research online, I realized that there is a problem some college students are running into after a few semesters – there is so much reading and writing in college, that they are losing their passion for what was once a leisure activity for them. I love to read and I am finding that I have little time to do so, if any at all. But I have taken steps to ensure I have time for leisurely reading.

One of the problems I’m facing is getting all of my reading done for the’ material I use in my podcasts I host for Norse Code Radio.

Junior Rachel Feldkamp majors in English and she said, ‘I read whole series’ in a week in high school.’

As time passed, she has felt as though college has taken all of the fun out of reading.
I wish to throw out a couple of ideas that might help those who are having trouble finding their ‘fun’ reading again.

Find ways to budget your time and make a hole in your schedule every day for some extra-curricular reading.

Secondly, if you are like me and you have struggle with the idea of budgeting your time with such a busy schedule, you can do what I did – use a computer program.

I use a computer application called ‘Ultimate Speed Reader’. For me, it has more than tripled my reading speed and more than doubled my comprehension. Of course, if you don;t feel the need to buy a program to improve your speed, reading a good amount everyday can eventually lead to faster reading skills.

I will be honest that there are still times that I do not have the time to do all of the reading I would like to, but I hope these ideas are helpful to you.