Speak up

The Northerner is almost complete; we have news, features, opinions from staff members and we have a cool new format and lots of snazzy pictures and graphics. However, we are missing one huge component – you.

The Views page of The Northerner is supposed to represent the views, opinions and concerns of NKU students. We want to hear whatever you have to say about whatever opinion you have on whatever topic. Do you love something that is happening on campus? Hate something?

Did you like a particular story in your newspaper? Do you think The Northerner should have never have printed a particular story? Or maybe you think we are all morons for not talking about something you see as important.’

Do you wonder what the heck that house is doing on the plaza, and are mad that we are not covering it? Are you outraged or excited about something that student government is doing?’

What about Dane Cook coming to the Bank of Kentucky Center? Are you anxiously awaiting the completion of the new soccer stadium?

No matter the opinion, we want to know! There are a limited number of people on staff and, although we try to the best of our ability, we cannot represent all NKU students each week.
There are so many reasons you should want to express yourself through The Northerner. It would be empowering to see your name in print; everyone will read what you have to say.’
Then someone else can respond, and that is how we form campus-wide communication.

This newspaper is a tool for students to utilize, to whatever extent they wish, and it is not utilized nearly enough.

And now it is easier than ever; all you have to do is go to www.thenortherner.com, drag your mouse over the ‘Contact Us’ option and click on ‘Submit a Story Idea’ or ‘Letter to the Editor’. Be creative, go wild! Get on your soapbox and smack on your keyboard until you are blue in the face.

I see some long comments expressing opinions left after stories on the website that make valid points that we never thought of before. So enlighten us and write about it in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ form. If you see something happen on campus that you really want to know more about, shoot us a story idea – there is no reason not to!

Norse needs to take ownership of this campus; do not be afraid to say what is on your mind. This is your university, we just write about it.