A labor of love

Joe Castelli/Web Editor-in-Chief

I’ve have been at this university for almost 10 years as an undergraduate.’ I have a daughter.’ I have been fortunate to sit behind a multitude of lenses. Always aware of the experiences, they have given me an insight that few have been privy to.

Oliver Wendell Holmes is quoted as saying ‘A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.’ If this is true, I have lived an unknown amount of lives through my extraordinary experiences.

The ultimate life-changing experience for me was not the birth of my daughter, but rather the acceptance of the responsibility and privilege of raising a daughter. The dichotomous dual existence of joy fraught with frustration is a daily reality.

A life of expectations tainted by disappointments is daily. The worst is oftentimes the burdened grind of a dehumanized poverty in which we stand upon the edge and consider the consequences of jumping into the abyss of uncertainty, and wonder whether the sacrifices we make today will truly benefit us tomorrow. These are the perils many people here on this campus who are both student and parent must travail in order to hopefully attain success in life.