Welcome to the real world

Now that you are in college and one step closer to being a part of the ‘real world’, it is important to be informed as to what is happening around you.
Whether it is the taxes that have to come out of our paychecks, the school grants or loans we receive, it all comes down to politics. It is hard to not get involved in something that is not affected by politics.

Only 56.8 percent of registered voters participated’ in the last presidential election, according to InfoPlease.com. What could the remaining 43.2 percent of voters have done? How many of them are the kind of people running around saying, ‘Well, what is my one vote going to mean, anyway?’ But in reality, 43.2 percent of people can change everything.

I realize that not all of them are out there wondering what their one vote could mean. This still does not explain the fact that if such a large of a percentage of eligible voters not voting, had gone out to do so, who knows what the results would have been.

It is not just a matter of going out and performing your civic duty, but also becoming educated about who and what you are voting for. Obama’s spending plans are going to double the national debt, according to The Heritage Foundation Web site. We need to know how much our leaders are spending and what they are spending it on to find out whether or not it is wise for their presiding in office.

With congressional elections just around the corner, I challenge you to take a look at who is running for the various offices and what their voting history is compared to what they are promising. Not just being a voter, but an educated one at that, can the best outcomes be seen on all fronts – local, state and federal.