Finding a place to take a rest

MCT Campus

When I take a nap I like to be comfortable. I like to sprawl out on my bed or on any given couch. But when I am on campus I do noy have bed and I do not have my couch. So the question arises, where on campus is the best place to take a nap?

I am going to be going over the best places to take a quick nap in between classes or if you are just too tired to head back home.

I don’t know about you, but I like to have a little privacy when I am laying down. With that in mind, the first place I would like to point out is the Business, Education, Psychology building. On every floor there are chairs and couches that you can plop down on and close those peepers. But on the third floor at the far end of the building, up against a window is a couch that I find very relaxing to take a nap. It is tucked away from the traffic of people walking by so you will not be bothered.
Moving on.

To continue with the not-being-bothered theme, the first floor of the Student Union is another great place to count sheep. The couches and chairs around the TV are comfy as anything. And even though it is the Student Union, the first floor does not have as much traffic as the second or third.

Speaking of the third, the couch on the third floor is another prime location to rest the eyes.
There are plenty of places to take a nap on campus, it really comes down to where you are really. Some might like to sleep in class, which is a big no-no. And on the subject of classes, the planetarium has seats that are fitting for King George or Louis-so I hear.