The tide is changing

It is the end of the semester but the start of summer and new beginnings for those graduating.

This semester has been a rough and wild one, but for this being my first semester as the Viewpoints editor it wasn’t that bad. Yes, there were editorials written that shouldn’t have even been read. They were complete garbage and I apologize for the stories like the Tunnels piece and any other story of mine that our faithful readers were displeased with. There is a reason why I only mention the Tunnels story.

Because, this is the Viewpoints page.

That means it is my view on whatever I choose to write about. There were chances all semester for those who were displeased with me to send in their own views but only three Letters to the Editor were ever sent in. I even did a rallying call for our readers to send in their views but what happened?

Now what that says about our readers is left up to them, but leaving angry comments on our website doesn’t exactly get the job done.

The end of this semester is bringing change, for good or ill. New faces are coming here to Northern Kentucky University, old faces are leaving to endure what the cruel world has to throw at them.

Here is my message to those leaving.

Keep your head about ya.

Cheap maybe, but effective? Yes.