Letters becoming scarce

Don’t like how Greek life was portrayed in an issue? Concerned about your credit hours? Do you think my latest editorial is awesome or down right horrible?

There is a simple way to get your opinion heard round campus. That way is to write in to The Northerner and be seen on the Viewpoints page. Take 10 minutes while in the Student Union and type out 300 words on why students shouldn’t be charged per credit hour. Write about how Greek life was viewed in a recent editorial. Send those feelings and remarks in to northerner@nku.edu and see it in print.

We read everything that is sent in to The Northerner. The process is a simple one. It has four parts. One, you type your views out about a certain topic. Two, you send those views in to us here at The Northerner with your e-mail address and phone number so we can contact you. Three, we read and edit those views. And last but not least four, we print it so the rest of campus reads what you think.

The Viewpoints page is the place where students have every opportunity to get their voice out about certain topics.

Instead of going to CollegeACB.com or leaving a few lines on our Web site, write in to us. Students like to read what other students think. NKU students have strong opinions and some go by without being noticed. Why not be noticed and maybe get something started?

With Facebook and MySpace, posting a five-word response to an event, isn’t enough for you to get your opinion’s out there. Lately, the world has been getting lazy in their writing and has caused a downfall in writing overall. What happened to the days of writing a letter to your family and friends?

Texting has caused everyone to write in the shortest amount of words possible. Maybe writing a letter will cause you to actually think about what you are saying instead of throwing out something that is potentially going to make you look foolish.

This is your shot at making your voice seen not only by those on the Internet, but those that pick up a newspaper every week. Isn’t it a good feeling to see your words in print?

Every week there is a chance for students to write in. It takes four simple painless steps for your views to be heard.