The Northerner says farewell to friends



This has to be a joke. I don’t think it’s set in yet that we’re graduating and that I’ve dedicated three years to The Northerner. It’s turned out to be so much more than I expected walking through the Founders Hall 301 door that first time. But I did and I couldn’t be happier. Moving up the ranks and into the editor position has been stressful and time consuming, but I realized a long time ago that reporting to make a difference at NKU is something I love. I’ve created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. We all spent days after days working alongside each other to make sure The Northerner was award-worthy and something the campus wanted to pick up every week. And I think we’ve succeeded this year. The entire staff worked hard to push through obstacles and do it all with a smile, laugh and high five at the end.

Thank you to the staff and to practicum, missing deadlines may have frustrated me but you guys brought this paper alive with stories, photos and heart. Thank you to Stephen, Kevin, Caitlin, Emily, Kody and Mary-Kate, without you here on production nights, we wouldn’t have survived. Your willingness to help was amazing. Thank you Michele, for accepting the adviser position and helping us turn this paper around. Without your advice and encouragement, I’m not sure I would have made it! Thank you to Spotify and Pandora for providing me with such an array of rap music. And thank you pizza and Smartwater, for simply existing and filling my stomach with happiness. I’M OUT, WORD TO YA MUTHA.



Staff writer

After a (rough) introduction to college sciences as a freshman, I changed paths and found my way to journalism. I thought it was simply going to be a matter of learning the facts and writing well, but I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined.

Writing for The Northerner has also brought me into contact with people that are great to work with, from editors to staff writers and contributing writers. The people that I have been around have made the experience truly worthwhile.

As a sports fan, it’s often hard to separate the “fan mentality” from providing unbiased coverage, but putting my school pride aside was worth the opportunity to talk to coaches, players and fans. I knew I found the right path this semester when covering a Norse basketball doubleheader against Jacksonville University, with both teams celebrating senior night. The women won in overtime and the men staged an amazing comeback.

While tweeting live-coverage and writing game recaps, I kept thinking about how excited I was to relay the action to the NKU community. The games were entertaining, but the thought of providing a voice for those interested in campus athletics was the true reward.



Staff writer

Two years ago I stumbled, quite literally, into a staff writing position at The Northerner. Since then, I’ve learned how to professionally stalk sources for information, work a professional camera- a feat all in its own and how to write under the pressure of an impending deadline.

As far as thanks go, I am forever grateful to Mary Cupito, Michele Day, Matt Baker, Brad Scharlott and Penny Summers for sharing their wisdom and teaching the importance of a well-balanced, unbiased news story. With the guidance of my mentors, professors and friends I have had the ideal college experience. A few words of advice: It is never too late to get involved, make a difference, or to follow your dreams. In the words of Linda Ellerbee, “And so it goes…”



Copy Desk Chief

When I took this job in August not knowing what it entailed I would have never imagined that the long nights would become so enjoyable. I am so grateful for all of the experience I have gained through this job and all the great people I’ve met. Big shout out to Kevin Schultz for being such a big part of our production nights this semester and for always sitting on the other side of the room so I didn’t have to smell your disgusting farts. Claire Higgins was the best EIC, PIC, roomie and turtle and I think she’s great. Tyler Eubank, you got one more semester, maybe you’ll actually sell an ad next year…We were all rooting for you!

My time with The Northerner has been extremely rewarding and I am so thankful for everyone who was a part of that! PEACE NKU.


A special thanks and goodbye to Matt Baker…

The Northerner and NKU are not only losing great staff members due to graduation, they are also losing a great professor who has impacted many lives in different ways. Professor Matt Baker has been an avid supporter and reader of The Northerner for a while and he is also part of the reason some of us became involved with the newspaper. He encouraged his students to join the staff because he knows how important it is for them to get hands-on experience and to take away clips to show to potential employers. He has also collaborated with the newspaper by having his photojournalism classes submit photos for publication and a grade. If you are a journalism or communication major and whether you have been a part of The Northerner or not, it is safe to say that Matt has probably influenced you in some way. His passion for teaching and for media is undeniable. So on behalf of The Northerner and university, we would like to say thank you and we wish you the best of luck in continuing to do what you love in Utah.