VIEWPOINTS: First Day Outfits

VIEWPOINTS: First Day Outfits

Traditionally the first day of school is the prime opportunity for students to showcase some of their finest fits. The Northerner posted up around campus and captured photos of outfits that stood out for reasons varying from one-of-a-kind looks to subtle details that tie an outfit together. The variety of outfits show the individuality on campus and can influence others to feel more comfortable in the clothes they wear.

Slaughtered is the word that comes to mind as this fit feels crisp. The silver chains paired with the black jacket and pants feel like exactly what the wearer wants to project.

Orange mushrooms, pins and a keychain full of life are examples of how accessories can tie a fit together.

This classic look of an oversized graphic complemented by denim and skateboarding shoes is revitalized with various necklaces and painted nails that make the wearer’s fit look natural.

This style takes advantage of the wearer’s figure and natural features. The pants sit right at the waistline and come right down to the ankles. Their pink hair is matched with the Pink Floyd shirt and complemented by facial piercings.

Left: The use of exposed skin is what ties this fit together. The length of shorts complemented by high-top boots shows the wearer’s confidence and comfortability.

Right: Very casual and calm outfit that just feels comfortable and makes the wearer look at home.

From head to toe this fit has an attitude. The top complements the jeans that are starkly contrast by orange sneakers, which to be blunt, slay.

Left: While not overly loud pieces they fit perfectly. The cropped pants complement the boots in a way that just feels natural.

Right: Interesting nod to Rico Nasty but the red background accented by red sneakers, hat and even iPhone show the wearer’s understanding of color combinations.

There is no go-to like cargos and flannels but this is one worn with purpose. The cropped tee underneath adds a level of depth that would otherwise be absent, highlighted by a two-tone flannel and brought whole by varieties of jewelry.

From the way the pants shape around the wearer’s boots down to the jewelry, this fit just feels natural. The most underrated piece that really ties things together is the sweater that adds an extra layer.

Two fits that fit two very different aesthetics but are worn well. The wearer on the left would typically be overlooked but the camouflage sandals and variety of bracelets just work.

These shades that resemble aviator sunglasses are mostly associated with hyper-masculine looks, but the wearer takes them outside of the stereotype and pulls it off.

Obviously the medical sandal stands out but this outfit demonstrates how comfort can also be indicative of confidence. The white drawstrings that poke through pairing with the sneakers tie this piece together.

This looks feels familiar as it is so simple but largely effective. The not so loud pieces that make the wearer look at home starkly contrast by bright red shoes make the wearer look confident with their walk.

It is not always about what is worn but how, and this look is exactly that. The ‘GET TO THE POINT’ featuring a porcupine complemented by the shades and serious look ties all of it together.

The monochromatic look is typically hit-or-miss but from the headpiece to the crop of the pants, it just works. Each blue complements the next and just fills the entire silhouette.

This looks brings the attention straight to the face. The black silhouette accompanied by the shayla draped over the shoulder really emphasizes the confidence the wearer walks with.

From the use of several different pinks to the placement of accessories, every aspect of this fit feels inspiring. The wearer makes what others may consider ‘loud’ feel safe.

This outfit is simple yet complements the wearer’s skin tone and the use of a white top with pairing sneakers highlights the diverse color scheme of the pants.

The headband that matches the shirt along with the added pink texture on the right elbow is what did this fit for me. Not to mention the yellow shoestrings that jump out only to realize it flows perfectly.