The girl you heard screaming in Griffin Hall was me

Kiana Berry, Social Media Editor

Moments ago I finished my last undergrad final… ever. Although I more than likely scared Greg DeBlasio with my outburst of excitement and out of rhythm happy dance, between awkwardly bouncing through the lobby of Griffin Hall, the bittersweet realization settled.

When I found out that the excessive hours spent showing horses across the country would land me another year in college, I wasn’t thrilled to say the least. For my first few semesters college and I were oil and water. Imagining the times when I was counting down the days seems so silly now. NKU has given me the experience I always hoped and prayed for when I imagined life after high school.

It gave me The Northerner. Griffin Hall room 125, my go-to place, the place where I was first published and was later invited to fill the position of Social Media Editor. It gave me the opportunity to become friends with so many talented students who also shared a similar passion for journalism.

It gave me NKU’s chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America. The chapter that landed me a long weekend in Chicago exploring the Windy City with the greatest group of people anyone could ask for and 36 hours trapped in Griffin Hall competing for the coveted “Mashies” of MashComm36.

It gave me friendships across continents and inside jokes in foreign languages. It gave me countless hours working towards aced assignments at the hard wooden tables of Steely. It gave me an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National title. It gave me pancakes at midnight and Thursday nights dancing with friends at Brothers. It gave me a spontaneous road trip and a rewarding internship. It gave me enthusiastic professors and caring mentors.

The memories and experiences gained during my time here are immeasurable. Thank you to everyone who made my undergrad experience so unforgettable!

Month long European backpacking trip here I come!

Let the happy dance continue…