Student media memories

My time here at NKU has been more than I could ever imagine. I have made friends and have learned valuable skills that will take me through my future career.

I am so glad that I found The Northerner. I am going to miss walking from the Business Center to Griffin Hall and going down the stairs to go inside The Northerner’s office. I am going to miss baking cookies, cakes and various pasta dishes to bring into the office to give a surprise to those hard at work. I am mostly going to miss the people of The Northerner. I am glad to call them all friends after the 2 years I have worked here. they are quite simply the best, they make me laugh and encourage me to do better. I have learned so much by talking with the editors and learning about journalism.

I joined as a photographer in August 2013 and then I found out about marketing and social media opportunities with The Northerner. I have always had a strong interest in marketing and it seemed like a perfect fit. Working there has given me real experience with social media for business. I can say that the only regret that I have is that I didn’t join sooner. It’s been great watching The Northerner grow over the years and after graduating I will be keeping The Northerner in mind to go to first for NKU campus news.

Working in marketing for Norse Code Radio has really impacted my life. I have learned about what it takes to have your own radio show and how to engage an audience. I have surrounded myself with smart and positive people and every Thursday at our meetings, the staff there make me smile and make my hectic day better. I am going to miss our quirky conversations during the meetings the most! I have really bonded this past year with the radio station crew and have made great connections. I have listened to everyone’s radio show and each and everyone of them are so talented and passionate about what they do. I am looking forward to this year’s graduating senior DJs to come back and do a few guest hows, so then I can hear those voices again. Rock on!

I want to give a big thank you to Michele, our Student Media advisor. She has been so supportive to all of the students and has made us all think outside the box and strive to be better. It has been a pleasure to work with Michele and gain meaningful insight about journalism and media.

To everyone that I have met during my time at NKU, thank you. You have shaped me in some way and made me think about the good in the world. I like to finally say thank you for everyone’s support over the years, I am truly going to miss you all. I am very sad to graduate and will miss my family at The Northerner and Norse Code Radio. I am also very positive in saying that the years to come look great for Student Media. Keep up the great work!