Goodbyes from our staff-Erica


Erica DiMartino, Business Manager

People are my religion. This is my way of life and my purpose. I am at my best when I am working, laughing, meeting, and even competing with people. NKU’s biggest strength, and my reason for becoming a Norse, is people.

To-do lists are my strength. In fact, this is how I have chosen to decorate my cap for graduation. The funny thing is, The Northerner was never on my to-do list for college.

The Northerner, honestly, fell into my lap with a little throw from my favorite family at the College of Business Advising Center. In my search for an internship, they suggested a job, with real management experience– sales manager at our college’s newspaper. My first thought was, “I have no experience in journalism, writing, or editing. Why would I take this job?” My second thought…“Why not?!” It’s interesting how chance can turn into a family affair.

Family is my motivation. My family is my biggest inspiration because they taught me that I can make a family wherever I go. My mother radiated love and illustrated that true love certainly knows no color, and never should. This influences me to help create this togetherness wherever I can.

For this reason, I have many families. The Northerner is a small one, but a close one at that. Although not my first choice of a second job, as the saying goes “you never choose your family.” In my opinion family isn’t chosen, it is made, and in addition to the newspaper, Phi Beta Lambda has been made my second NKU family. These leaders, these friends, have taught me who I hope to become. They are positively influential, as all fellowships should be.

So in saying farewell, I ask that you remember this. I am Erica DiMartino. I am family-first. I am one big to-do list. And in the words of Charlie Chaplin, “I am for people. I can’t help it!”

My life and education is dedicated to Lydia, Vince, Kathryn, Gabriel, Hannah, and the many others whom have touched my life.