SGA proves it has humor

As many people know by now, our Student Government Association decided to pull a prank this week using a fake resolution that said NKU would adopt a school uniform. What’s probably equally common knowledge is that many people truly thought SGA was serious.

Another thing that you may know from reading my by line is that I’m the news editor here at The Northerner. One of the responsibilities that entails is sitting in on all of the SGA meetings. Because of that, I knew about SGA’s prank last week. I’ve listed a few things that you probably already knew, but here’s something you probably didn’t: I like jokes. I mean I really like jokes. When SGA President Erik Pederson first mentioned it at last week’s meeting, I had a good laugh.

Since the SGA first announced the fake resolution on Monday, I’ve done some poking around on Facebook and Twitter and a pretty decent amount of people said they didn’t believe it was real because us here at The Northerner didn’t have any coverage of it. On behalf of everyone here, I really have to thank you guys for putting that much trust in us. To tell you guys the truth, Erik did ask if I could write a story about it, but I ultimately turned him down because that trust is important to me.

At the same time, I can see where those who were upset by the April Fool’s joke are coming from though. The idea of school uniforms was kicked around at the high school I went to and the thought of them restricting my freedom of expression completely mortified me. I know I like to wear clothes that best distinguish who I am as a person, and if I was on the outside of this joke I might have been upset too.

When they “passed” the resolution during Monday’s meeting, Erik said that no other SGA in the university’s history has done something like this. To me, it’s their way of saying that the SGA is made of mostly traditional students who are capable of humor just like we are. When I write stories for The Northerner, I make it a point to use a serious tone, but everyone here at the paper will tell you I’m not actually like that. The same is true for the members of the SGA; they’re not as dry and monotone as some of the resolutions they write. We all goof off at our jobs every once in a while too.