myNKY: Make your voice heard

Have you seen myNKY materials dispersed around campus? Been wondering what it is? myNKY is the next visioning and community engagement campaign for Northern Kentucky. myNKY’s goal is to gain feedback, opinions, perceptions, and wants from the Northern Kentucky community as to what they would like to see in their region’s  future.yooo

myNKY is hosting a forum on NKU’s campus on March 12 from 8-9:30 a.m. in the Digitorium. During the forum, you’ll hear updates on the campaign’s progress, learn of more ways to get involved, and most importantly have the opportunity to share your ideas about the challenges facing Northern Kentucky.

As a young professional in Northern Kentucky I think it is extremely vital and important that we, as a relatively young demographic, make our voices heard. myNKY is coming to our campus to ask you, the general public and student population, what you would like to see change and happen in Northern Kentucky within the next five years. This is truly a one of a kind campaign and it’s exciting to have it happening in our own backyard.

As a young professional and current student in the Masters of Public Administration at NKU, I see the importance in making our voices heard. Northern Kentucky is looking toward the future and us—the students, faculty, and staff at NKU—to be a part of the collective community. We as young professionals will be an instrumental part in accomplishing our community’s goals and wants moving toward the future. So what better reason to get involved and shape the future we would like to see for Northern Kentucky?

It is time for us to share our input and make our voices heard. Attend the forum and share your thoughts on what our collective plan should be for Northern Kentucky. Not able to attend? Visit the myNKY website and share your thoughts through their polls, challenge questions, and interactive game. Feeling social? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. No matter the avenue, help your voice be heard and help shape the future for Northern Kentucky!