Northerner to go more digital

Technology is evolving. Faster and faster, everyday. And the amount of people using it is following the same pattern. Just in the time it took me to write these words, countless people all over the world are logged on to the Internet. In fact, over 144.8 billion emails are sent each day, according to a Radicati Group study on media use. And in the world of journalism, this shift in where people allot their attention to is something we must take into account. As stated in our own story on big data, according to the Facebook data science page, people on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content a day. Not to mention the 72 hours (259,200 seconds) of new video to YouTube that are uploaded a minute, according to Youtube viewership statistics. These are surefire facts that the way people spend their time and consume their media has and constantly continues to change. People no longer sit at their house and wait for the morning paper. We are all taking the initiative into our own hands, getting online and getting the news for ourselves. And while we at The Northerner have said that we understand this change, we haven’t really embraced it like we have said we should. So to take one step into the future of journalism, in this new digital age, we have decided as a team that there is no better time to make this change than now. No, this doesn’t mean we will stop the production of our weekly print publication, but that we will take advantage of all the innovative resources we have been given at this university and charge full steam ahead into the digital world of new media journalism. We understand the new niche that our print publication has, with more issue based stories combined in themed editions of the paper, a changing trend in which you have probably already noticed for The Northerner for this year. So you may see a reduction in the size of the print publication, but we don’t plan on getting rid of the entire print platform. But we plan to focus more on things such as video, interactive media, social media and other things this quickly evolving world has to offer. And what better way to do this, than after an informative technology themed issue to help you take this journey with us into the age of digital news.