Letter from the editors desk

Dear Norse,

At The Northerner, “we are constantly evolving…” I quote this from part of our mission statement which we, as the new Northerner family, recently revitalized as the summer came quickly to a close.

While we made tremendous strides in increasing the quality of our organization last year, we are working tirelessly to build upon those changes, and to keep evolving.

That being said, as we move into this new school year, you can expect several changes from us.

The first of which will be our transition into the “digital age.” We know times are changing and the ways you consume your information are therefore changing too. So, instead of just pushing out our weekly paper in hopes that you may pick it up, for a quick browse, we are working to streamline our content to you, via our website and social media.

Through this transformation in use of media platforms, we realize the content we deliver must be more properly tailored to the experience you desire.

In an effort to more adequately connect with you, we’d like to extend this opportunity for you to express your ideas to us, as we continue to communicate with you. Whether it’s through commenting on our website, sending us story ideas and photos on social media, or dropping by our office to tell us what you think, we hope you will take the time to engage with The Northerner.

Additionally, we have moved our newsroom to Griffin Hall 125. With this move, we welcome the community to enjoy the beauty of the building, while also helping us to create a more rich environment, with our more fitting location on campus.

We also have a new paper format which we hope will help with our evolution. We hope this change will create a more visually pleasing and professional look to coincide with the rest of our changes.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to introduce to you our growing family of staff (a list of which can be found on page 2). We have many new faces with fresh outlooks on what The Northerner can bring to our community. We are all excited to see what this year may bring.

Let me end with one request. As we continue to create these changes, we also would like to maintain a tradition. A tradition of family and community while at NKU. Just as many students want to leave their legacy of involvement at their alma mater, so do we. We’re here to provide the news, but we’re also here as a resource; for the facilitation of engagement within our community. During this next step in our evolution, we aspire for The Northerner to become an integral part of the much beloved Norse Culture.


With Norse Pride,


The Northerner