Student Media seniors say farewell


Jeffonia Wynn “Ms. Ebony J”
Norse Code Radio
General Manager

My time here at NKU has been more than I could ever imagine. I have made lifetime friends and have learned skills that will take me a long way as I continue to pursue a career in EMB. Thank you everyone for your support over the years, I am truly going to miss you all. Special thanks to everyone who supported the Ebony J Show on, I appreciate it sincerely. It has been an exciting ride and this is a bittersweet time for me, but overall I am happy to be moving into another chapter of my life. Once again thank you for all the love and support, No need to say goodbye, you’ll be hearing me and seeing me again! Remember if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything, good things come to those who wait, so no matter what you’re going through or no matter how hard it is, always, always hold your head and Smile! Stay tuned to @EbonyJShow on Twitter & Facebook.

Samantha Hayden
The Northerner
Photo Editor

When I decided to take on the photo editor position this semester I certainly did not know what I was taking on. At times the job was overwhelming, all the emails, pesky practicum students not turning in photos and long Tuesdays with Brandon hitting my chair. However, I will never once say I regretted becoming the photo editor.
Every bit of the journey has been wonderful. I have made so many memories from Norse Poll discoveries to learning all the words to many One Direction songs. My Tuesdays will never be the same without Claire singing to pull me through editing photos and Stephen eating grilled cheese with me, because who really wants to eat alone.

I would just like to think everyone on staff that made me feel welcomed. Without you guys this experience just would not have been the same. I never thought I would be upset to graduate but I can actually say I will miss the paper. There could not have been a better way to end my last semester here, even with you darling practicum students.

Lastly, I cannot end my goodbye without saying thank you to Michele Day. She was the one that influenced me to change my journalism minor to a major. She has always pushed me to do my best in both my writing and my photography. I could never thank her enough. She took on a huge responsibility when she decided to become the Student Media adviser, but as always she has done, and I know she will continue to do, a fantastic job.

Andrew Zeiser
The Northerner
Staff Writer
Like sand passing through an hourglass, every homework assignment bringing me one moment closer. Finally here it’s done, my only regret is, I was not with The Northerner longer. Like the words I write I’ll simply fade into the next chapter, all I can simply say is, thank you Norse.

Kyle Sebree
The Northerner
Staff Writer
I’ve been fortunate enough to study under and collaborate with great people at NKU. Being able to write for The Northerner has been a deeply gratifying experience that has enriched my life and I hope to cultivate that experience in my career. I will miss this highly talented and good-hearted staff.

Brandon Barb
The Northerner
Managing Editor
While I could take this editorial space to be sarcastic and snarky, I actually wanted to apologize. There is something we didn’t do here at The Northerner this semester and it is partly my fault, being that I was the managing editor.
We are a newspaper with the goal of delivering news to the NKU community that informs, educates and makes a difference. Instead, we tried to pass off the “fluff” as news.
The paper became a PR machine for the university—that never should’ve happened.
It could be because we’ve gone through advisers like Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. Or it could be the fact that the “old guard” has all but graduated and the new people coming in aren’t comfortable with ruffling a few feathers—even though that’s part of being a journalist.
As the managing editor, not enough was done—I didn’t push the staff and journalism students like I should have.
We became lazy and complacent, which should never happen at any newspaper. We let stories fall to the wayside, and with this being my last semester, I wasn’t as on top of things as I should have been.
The continuous climb The Northerner made to become a hard-hitting newspaper has approached somewhat of a plateau. I’m sure it will pick back up, but that will take a little time.
Until then, thank you to everyone that has helped me while I have been at this university, including staff here at The Northerner and NKU professors.