Drivers frustrated with gravel lots, high parking pass prices

With all of Northern Kentucky University’s recent updates and changes, the administration seems to neglect parking lot renovation every year, even though parking passes cost students as much as $210 and full-time faculty $335.

The one complaint that is guaranteed to return with students at the beginning of the school year is parking in gravel lots and the fact that the cost of passes is too high.
Based on the current prices and NKU’s student population, the university and parking services are bringing in around $3 million in student parking pass sales alone. Paving a gravel lot should only cost the university around $500,000. This does not add up. As students who had to pay the $210, we want to know where the $3 million is going — and why it’s not going towards paving the gravel lots.

Gravel lots are inconvenient to drivers; the rocks and dust can damage car paint, which could lead to extra outside costs for repairs. It does not seem reasonable for parking services to charge over $200 if the lots we are parking in could potentially harm our cars.
It is hard to believe that parking services has $3 million worth of fees and unexpected repairs to pay, especially when paving the lots is what students are asking for, and asking on a yearly basis.

NKU takes pride in its students and turns to them for advice on many things, but when it comes to the complaints and wishes for better parking accommodations it appears they are falling on deaf ears.