Chi Omega declines

Recently, and rather unexpectedly, students were told that the Chi Omega sorority decided to not create a chapter at Northern Kentucky University.

According to Chi Omega’s website, they are the largest sorority in the world and have initiated over 300,000 people. They currently have 173 chapters worldwide.

So, with their statistics, and with the fact that they waited until the last minute for their announcement, their decision was definitely a letdown.

The main concern, however, isn’t that this sudden change of heart will affect students on a personal level, but that it could reflect on NKU’s Greek Life as a whole. As mentioned in “Owls Out of Sight,” on page four for students who aren’t involved in Greek Life and looking to be, it could be disheartening and deter them from the entire community. Which could be a potential negative effect over which these organizations have no control.

With any growth there are always risks involved, but the hope is that the risks don’t outweigh the benefits. In this situation, there is still the potential for Alpha Omicron Pi to join NKU, but with Chi Omega’s decision, who knows if it will affect their actions.

Chi Omega is claiming that they couldn’t get enough girls to make starting a chapter here worthwhile. However, there are sororities currently on campus running with less girls that Chi O was claiming they needed to start. This decision could also affect Chi Omega’s reputation after pulling out of colonization at a university at the last minute, leaving some students shocked.

Overall, it would be nice to know what other factors went into their final reasoning for ducking out of NKU’s Greek Life. Is NKU not peppy enough? Is our campus just too ugly for them? It sincerely feels as though there is an underlying reason aside from numbers. Is every chapter of Chi Omega absolutely ginormous?

Whatever the thought process may have been, it surely is a new feeling to see NKU openly stumble while growing. After going Division I, raising new buildings and making changes to accommodate more students, losing a prospective new sorority is something that was definitely unforeseen.