What’s on our bucket lists?

Cassie Stone:
Well, I crossed one thing off my bucket list last summer: Taking a cross-country road trip. I grabbed a friend and my little brother, loaded up a rental car and drove 7,000-plus miles to the Pacific coast and back, visiting something like 17 states. A few months later I took a trip to the east coast and made it a two-leg coast-to-coast road trip. There are still eight states I haven’t been to yet: Vermont, Arkansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska – and I want to see all of them before I turn 30.

Karli Wood:
My Bucket List is to never a Bucket List. I hate the damned things. I’d rather live now and reflect later, than try to plan out the most pivotal moments of my life.
However, I would like a puppy.

Aly Durrett:
I want to touch a live, unsedated wolf. Which is oddly specific, but in my opinion it wouldn’t count if the wolf were dead or all drugged up.

Claire Higgins:
I want to climb every Colorado Fourteener (a mountain peak that exceeds 14,000 feet in elevation) — 1 down, 52 more to go!

Brandon Barb:
Get an article published in Rolling Stone.

Roxanna Blevins:
I want to see as much of the world as possible. I have always enjoyed traveling, especially to foreign countries. So far, the only countries I have been to outside the U.S. are Mexico and Belize. The top three on my list of countries I would like to see are: Africa, Japan and

Stephen Wilder:
• Buy most of my family members a new home/car, but not too fancy, and help them out financially.
• Take a month-long road/plane trip to Denver, California, and Oregon to visit friends who live in those places.
• Block an NBA player’s shot and get a rebound over them.
• Go to graduate school at the University of Kentucky and cover the men’s basketball team.
• Coach a basketball or football team.

John Minor:
Go to a UK basketball game in Rupp Arena

Emily Christman:
I want to start a taco delivery service. That way, I can have tacos whenever I want. WHENEVER I want. I also want to save all of the kittens in the universe. I plan on this happening. I also want to find a way to go back in time and make sure “The Bucket List” never happened. Maybe I’ll have lunch with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and talk to them about how they should’ve, instead, enlisted on helping me start my own taco delivery service so they don’t waste two hours of my life ever again. Then we would go to my house and watch “Titanic” seven times and drink many bottles of white zinfandel until the sun rises. I am fairly confident this will all work out nicely.

Brittany Granville:
• Publish a graphic novel … or at least write one. I’ve got the ideas, they just need execution.
• Watch all the original “Star Wars” movies
• Go to a Cee-lo Green Concert
• Write an opinion article
• Graduate
• Stop freaking out
• Get a cat
• Work on a kid’s show/product (preferably something extra cute and girly) because I know you don’t have all day

Emily Lindeau:
Things I want to do before I die:
• Visit 20 major cities (in & outside the USA) already have 7 down
• Live in Chicago
• Work for a magazine
• Photograph a wedding
• Meet Adele Adkins
• Own my own printing/design house
• Record a song professionally
• Visit Wales
• Visit Maine and eat AMAZING seafood
• Be in David Letterman’s audience

Zachary Rogers:
I really want to find and high-five Bill Murray.

Elizabeth Parsons:
• Publish a fantasy novel — I’ve always been a writer and I’ve worked hard at honing my craft (still working on that part and will be until the day I die). I want to show that I can get a novel published — that I’m not just another wannabe.
• Work for a publishing company/small press in Cincinnati (got that part down … now I just need to get paid for it!)
• Travel. Everywhere.
• Have cute kittens and ferrets to play with daily

Travis Gibbons:
I just want to have hair again.

Kevin Erpenbeck:
Scuba diving in the Australian Reef