Not much work to give midterm grades to all

The ability to adapt and remain efficient are tenets that are embodied in a technologically driven society. They are in every aspect of functioning, even on a daily basis.

That being said, Northern Kentucky University should better understand the integral role of efficiency in this two-fold calling.

An ongoing Student Government Administration resolution to make midterm grades available to all students is well intended; but, as evidenced by its still unadopted status, unrealistic. Faculty have previously said the workload involved with assigning these grades to all students would create a great burden.
In response to this request, the current SGA administration modified the resolution to restrict it to 100-300-level classes, because many classes at the 400-level and above are project based.

However, this resolution has many, including faculty senate, questioning why a more direct route isn’t taken.

Instead of forcing professors to calculate midterm grades for everyone, why not require all professors to use the grade book function on Blackboard and eliminate midterm grades entirely?

This easier step ensures that all students, not just freshmen, have access to their current grades not just at midterm, but at all points in the semester. Plus, it would lower the stress on professors to enter in last-minute grades into a new system.

The only burden on professors with this system is for the ones who do not currently use Blackboard. However, by using this system, students are benefited by not just a way to access their grades at any point in the semester, but by a centralized location for various course documents.

Yes, this is still work for the professors, but it isn’t any more work than they already need to do by entering grades into the system. And all students will know where they stand in a class at any given point.