That thing we do

As the semester settles for most NKU students, things are still gearing up at The Northerner.

We receive a lot of questions and comments about what we choose to cover and why, our general thought processes and our ethical decisions.

After a unanimous vote during our annual Fall Orientation, we decided that we would address those questions and more. The result of this is our new blog, aptly titled “Georgia 10.”

We tossed around a few different blog names, all various plays on terminology we use, such as “We have issues,” and “Past the print,” both former behind the scenes-type blogs by staffers.

Luckily, after many phone calls, feverish text messages and Google searches, we settled on “Georgia 10.” The reasoning, you may ask?

“Georgia 10” is the font and size of the body text in our print issues. We wanted to convey that there is much more than the ink you see on paper every week – a lot of thought goes into every issue and choice.

We’ve been asked why we made certain stories cover pieces, why we didn’t cover an event or trend and why we didn’t tailor each issue to individual needs.

There are answers for all of those questions. We do our best to follow the Associated Collegiate Press and Society of Professional Journalists codes of ethics, as well as our own moral compasses.

Despite following multiple guidelines for behavior and writing, we do – and will – make mistakes. That is the nature of a student newspaper – to learn by doing.
But don’t worry. The blog will be there to discuss each victory and blunder.

So get ready, because it’s definitely going to be an interesting journey. Seeing as that we double as an independent student-run online publication and newspaper, things will constantly be hectic.

We’ll do our best to answer any concerns through “Georgia 10” and give the reader a view into our collective conscience. Feel free to continue reading each week, because we’re far from finished.