Norse Poll: What do you think NKU could do to make your college experience better?

Brittany Granville

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Norse Poll: What do you think Northern Kentucky University could do to make your college experience better?

Each week, The Northerner interviews four Northern Kentucky University students to get their perspective on an issue. Readers are encouraged to share their answer in the comments section below. Readers may also suggest issues for the Norse Poll Responses here.

“I think they should open up faculty lots for easier student parking.”
Sam Cramer, sophomore undeclared art major

“They should talk more about minors to freshmen.”
Christina Bell,  freshman psychology major

“As an international student, I feel I pay more to come here. I think that
the school should have a lower tuition.”
Tony Kumar, sophomore computer information technology major

“I’d like to see more housing options. I also think they should do
something about they religious nuts who like to walk around and tell
people they’re going to hell.”
Miranda Clark, sophomore social work major

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