Everybody take a ride on the bus (Editorial)

There are many modes of transportation available to students on Northern Kentucky University’s campus. Riding the TANK bus is one of the most convenient for many students. The bus is not only easy to ride but is also a way to relax, save a little cash and do your part to take care of our environment.

Since the 2008 fall semester at NKU, staff, faculty and students have had the opportunity to ride the TANK bus for free through TANK’s U-Pass Program. In today’s struggling economy, students not only have to worry about college fees and tuition, but gas prices as well. We all know that filling up a tank of gas is like going to the dentist — it’s painful and irritating. If you consider taking the bus for the rest of the semester, you would save some cash and be able to spend it on something worthwhile.

By utilizing the opportunity in taking the bus to school, you will also be lending a hand in the effort to reduce carbon footprints. All it takes is a swipe of your NKU student All-Card. Leaving your vehicle at home results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a healthier community.

It is also more efficient to ride the bus. Think about it this way: 50 people on a bus is better than 50 people in their cars during rush hour, so taking the bus could be less hectic for you as you travel to and from school. Riding the bus could be fun especially if you feel like you want to get away from studying for a bit while also getting a change of scenery.

I recently went on a random bus trip with a friend this semester. I pretended that I was a VIP member as I showed the bus driver my All-Card. Traffic was bad but we didn’t have to worry about getting cut off by an angry driver with a bad case of road rage. We thanked the bus driver and he let us off at Newport on the Levee. We didn’t have to endure driving in circles endlessly looking for a parking spot. It ended up being a fun day and I spent a total of zero dollars on gas and parking.

On the bus you can do more, compared to when driving in a car. A bus allows you to have free hands. If you choose to take the studious approach, you could finish up your homework or study for a test. If you want to take advantage of your leisure time, you can talk on the phone or login to Facebook using the bus’ free mobile Wi-Fi connection. Taking a ride on the bus is a wonderful way to just relax, get your mind off term papers and with fi al exams quickly drawing near, we all need to take a break from studying sometimes. Or, if you are just feeling adventurous and want to save cash as you explore the Northern Kentucky area, hop on.

Editorial by Melissa McLeod