What are you looking at?

A couple of months ago, while working on my family tree, I found out something cool: I have an African-American great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side.’ This’ got me to thinking, what would it have been like to date someone of a different race at that time?’ Interracial dating is something that is a little more acceptable now than it was then.’ I believe that interracial dating is perfectly fine.’ People are people, and skin color is nothing but a level of melanin.’ Even from a religious stand-point, the Old Testament mentions that the predominant Jewish leader, Moses, married an Ethiopian.

Junior Emily Hill says she is fine with the idea of interracial dating. Her stance is, ‘Why would their race matter?’ And I agree completely.’ Not only does Junior Jewel Gilbert think that interracial dating is okay, but she brought up an amazing point,’ ‘We’re all interracial of some sort.” Isn’t that the truth?’ Hasn’t America always been known as a great melting pot?
It’s now 2010 and there is a lot less of a chance of being looked down upon for doing so, but dating interracially can still get you some sideways looks.’ I have dated interracially so I know what it’s like.’ People make fun of you, ask you what you are doing.’ Things may be a lot better than they were 50 years ago, but you can still expect to be gawked at. But, as student Grace Maute points out, ‘It’s a social issue.’

If there is anything in my life I am grateful for, it is parents who taught me that it is what’s on the inside that counts.’ Student Meggie Baker says it’s all about, ‘If they make each other happy.” My favorite response came’ from student Kaitlin Shupert who says, ‘Love is a universal language.’ Let’s actually speak it.’

Editorial by M. Gordon Willis