Hunting season open for on-campus parking

CharlotteEtherton/Photo editor

Parking at Northern Kentucky University remains a problem. Not only are there are too many cars and too few parking spaces, but the price of parking passes has increased as well.

The price of a full year pass has gone up to $187, which is up from $175 last year. That’s only a $12 increase. But in tough financial times like this, $12 is a big deal. The price for student parking went up but the faculty price stayed the same.’ ‘

Shouldn’t parking prices be the same across the board? We are already paying increased tuition, why should students pay more for parking?

Go ahead, send those angry emails, saying things like I’m an idiot for wanting another lot off-campus, but every student here knows that finding a space is a pain. It is either get to campus early to get a good spot, or spend a good chunk of time circling the lots for a space, all the while being late for class or missing the start of that math exam you just pulled an all-nighter study-session for.

While NKU grows, the parking situation stays the same. No, not every student will be on campus at the same time, but that doesn’t mean every student is going to get a parking space. There are 15 student/open parking lots and three parking garages on campus. Not that many parking lots when one thinks about it.

Should there be another parking lot off campus? I say yes. Just a small overflow parking lot where students can catch a ride to campus on a shuttle or bus. This would even help with the huge lines coming in and leaving campus every day. Yes, it still requires students to have a parking pass, but it gives students a lot where they know spots will be open.
Should faculty have to pay the same? I say yes.

Just because they are our professors doesn’t mean they should pay less. With everything increasing in price here at NKU, students are taking a hit in their wallets. Raising tuition is understandable but raising student parking prices and leaving faculty parking the same just isn’t right. I say keep it the same.

As of last year, there were 15,000 students at NKU, according to Chris Cole, NKU’s director of communications and media relations (official numbers for this year will be released in a few weeks). With NKU being a commuter campus, that is a lot of cars coming and going.

That also means there is going to be a battle royale for parking spaces.

It leaves room to wonder if there is consideration in the works for better parking facilities.
Every semester this university grows, and every semester this university finds itself invaded by student vehicles all looking for a place to park. There are many lots on campus, but they are quickly filling to the brim. Will there be another lot made? I hope. Will there be enough spaces this semester? I hope. How long will it take to find a space on campus this semester?

No one knows – we will all have to wait and find out. Happy hunting.