VIDEO: Class makes costumes for charity

The costume construction class in NKU’s School of the Arts has a special opportunity this semester. The class was given a Mayerson scholarship, a grant given by the Mayerson Foundation to groups who wish to make a difference in the community. With the money, costume construction professor Ronnie Chamberlain purchased dolls for which her class will make clothes from scratch, which is a standard practice in learning the art of fashion design and costume construction. Once completed, these dolls, with their handmade new outfits, will be donated to the Guardian Angels children’s home, a charity chosen and researched by the students in the class to find the most effective place for the dolls. In addition, the class will be volunteering their time at other charities this season, and are running a toy drive until finals week. Donations of boy’s toys, gift cards, unisex toys, and items for smaller children (0-3yrs) can be brought to SOTA’s theater office on the second floor of the Fine Arts building.