8/19/13 Student Government Association Meeting Minutes

Call to order

President Erik Pederson called to order the regular meeting of the NKU Student Government Association at 3:31 pm on April 29th, 2013 in NKU Governance Room (SU104).

Roll call

Secretary of Administration Justin Wynne conducted a roll call.


Approval of minutes from last meeting on April 29th, 2013.

Minutes were unanimously approved.


Motion by Senator Tina Hoesl for New Business to precede Open Session.

Motion Approved- Unanimous

New Business

Appointment s of New Members

  1. All Senators present have been approved
  2. Justices could not be approved, due to absence of Chief Justice
    1. Moved to next meeting 8/26


Motion by Senator Tina Hoesl to move into Executive Session.

Motion Approved– Unanimous.


Executive Session

Introduce and Approve Appointed Senate Leadership

  1. Senator Matt Frentz- Finance Committee Chair.
  2. Senator Kristian Johnson- University Improvements Committee Chair.
  3. Senator Tina Hoesl- Academic Affairs Committee Chair.
  4. Senator Katie Cox- Student Involvement Committee Chair.
  5. Senator Chandler Taylor- Legislative Liaison.


Motion by Legislative Liaison Chandler Taylor to approve as a slate.

Motion Approved– Unanimous, Chandler Taylor abstains.


Motion to move to Close Executive Session.

Motion Approved– Unanimous.

Open Session

Executive Board Reports

a)      Sec. of Public Relations, Brandi Cunningham

1)      Freshman election packets are now available!

2)      Appointed senator packets will be made available August 26th

b)      Sec. of Student Involvement, Megan Murray

1)      Norse Nights are now Norse Rates.

2)      Working on branding Norse Rates.

c)       Sec. of Administration, Justin Wynne

1)      Name tags are ordered.

d)      Vice President, David Trump

1)      Senator of the Month (August) – Amanda Rogers

2)      Appoint Senators to Committees.

  1. Motion by Legislative Liaison Chandler Taylor to approve appointments
  2. Motion Approved- Unanimous

e)      President, Erik Pederson

1)      Entertains a motion for Senate Volunteers to serve on the:

  1.  Transit Advisory Committee- Meets Wednesdays at 3PM
  2. Tuition Appeals Committee- Meets Fridays at 9AM

Committee Reports

a)      Finance Chair, Matt Frentz

1)      Meeting in the back.

b)      Student Rights Chair, Katie Cox

1)      Ready to get started on Big 12 goals.

c)       Academic Affairs Chair, Tina Hoesl

1)      Drug Free Committee fill-in.

d)      University Improvements Chair, Kristian Johnson

1)      Looking forward to a more thorough Fall ’13 Safety Walk

Ex-Officio Reports

a)      ACR Liaison

1)      Not Present.

b)      SBA Liaison

1)      Not Present.

c)       Legislative Liaison, Chandler Taylor

1)      Respond to Office Hour Survey.

2)      Office hours are to be well spaced out to have a constant presence in the SGA office.

3)      Resolution Template- Use the old one until a new one is created.

d)      Judicial Council Chief Justice, Daniel Cieslak

1)      Not Present.


Advisor Reports

a)      Dean of Students, Dr. Jeff Waple

1)      E-Board meets Wednesday 8AM.

2)      Requests that goals be forwarded to Dr. Gitau.

3)      Reminder to order Name Plates.

4)      Senators MUST attend outside Committees, if unable, must find a replacement.

5)      Missing the SGA retreat is inexcusable.

b)      Sarah Aikman

1)      Requests Dropbox Folder be reworked and cleaned up.

  1. New Folder is being created.

c)  Danny Moore

1)    Welcome Back!

d) Stephen Meier

1) Not Present

Old Business



a)      First Meeting of the Month is committee oriented. Committee meetings will start at 3:30, official meeting will begin at 4:15. (President- Erik Pederson)

b)      Senators that missed SGA Retreat will meet with Senator Cunningham and view the Dress Code Presentation (Senator Cunningham).

c)       Welcome Week Events are happening all week, please come out and support. (Secretary of Student Involvement Megan Murray)


 Motion to adjourn by Legislative Liaison Chandler Taylor, 2nded by Senator Nick Berra, one abstention from Senator Frentz; President Erik Pederson adjourned the meeting at 4:08pm.


Minutes compiled by:  Justin Wynne, SGA Secretary of Administration