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Sunglasses more than accessory

Knight Ridder Newspapers April 29, 2003
Think of sunglasses as an indulgence that's actually good for you.

Camden County College plans degree in video games

Knight Ridder Newspapers March 18, 2003
Students at New Jersey's Camden County College may soon be able to get a degree in one of their favorite pastimes: video games.

Colleges wary of policing intellectual property

Knight Ridder Newspapers March 4, 2003
The nation's colleges have quietly succumbed to pressure from the entertainment industry to crack down on student use of file-sharing networks to trade music and movies.

Bake sale’s prices based on buyers’ race

Knight Ridder Newspapers March 4, 2003
The Berkeley College Republicans held an "affirmative action" bake sale Wednesday on Sproul Plaza, charging customers different prices based on their race.

People still ripping music

Knight Ridder Newspapers March 4, 2003
There's a revolution afoot, and if you're in doubt, go check out a typical college dorm.

Black schools struggle

Knight Ridder Newspapers February 18, 2003
Rebellious bands of church leaders and social dreamers planted black colleges and universities into a nation choked with segregation and suppression in the last quarter of the 19th century.

NASA looks for cause

Knight Ridder Newspapers February 4, 2003
NASA told a nation in mourning Sunday that remains of all seven astronauts from shuttle Columbia had been recovered, and that investigators were beginning to zero in on the cause of the tragedy.

Degree opens doors

Knight Ridder Newspapers February 4, 2003
John Bommarito used to think he didn't need a college degree to move up in his field. A music industry entrepreneur, Bommarito, a 35-year-old Livonia, Mich., resident, has been a music buyer, a store manager and a disc jockey at clubs and small radio stations.
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