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If they fail, let them: As harsh as it sounds, bankruptcy may be the best option for the Detroit Three.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 18, 2008
It looks less likely now that the Detroit Three will get that extra helping of pork that they want to go with their turkey of a bailout plan, but congressional Democrats still want to serve it up. The Senate took up a second $25 billion bailout bill Monday.

Patriot Act needs reform

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel February 11, 2004
It is ironic that the USA Patriot Act, enacted just six weeks after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, contains some provisions that seem to abridge certain constitutional rights.

Odd way to save species

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 12, 2003
A shift in U.S. policy on endangered species may evoke for many that infamous quote from the Vietnam War about the need to destroy the village in order to save it.

At Kuwait University, students warily await a possible war with Iraq

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2003
The Kuwait University senior is a few months away from graduation. A few months more from starting a job. And his object of affection has agreed to the whole deal. So what could possibly go wrong?
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