Intramural field benefits university in multiple ways

What was once a big patch of brown grass behind the University Suites now stands the Intramural Field Complex, serving as a symbol of NKU’s leap into the future to make the campus greener, both literally and environmentally.

In the past, NKU has been a primarily concrete campus with few green areas, but ever since the jump up to Division I the university has been given a facelift through the planting of trees and expanding the greenery around campus to achieve a more welcoming feel.

The IM Field Complex took a part in this by transforming the old intramural fields, which was nothing more than a pothole-filled field, into a state-of-the-art complex complete with multiple turf fields meant for soccer, football or softball, as well as lights to ensure games can continue well into the night.

Although the fields came with a steep price tag of over two million dollars, Matt Hicks, senior organizational leadership major and Intramural Complex Supervisor believes that the fields will pay off in the long term.

“I think it’s an eye factor, no longer do you look down here and see dead grass, or a field that’s just torn up and not well maintained,” Hicks said. “Yes, the initial cost for this field is very steep but the low care of maintaining it is so beneficial to the campus so we’re not wasting money constantly on grass that’s dying over and over again.”

With spring now in full swing, the IM Field Complex has been the host of various intramural sports, such as softball and soccer. Students such as freshman finance major Kyle Graham believe the complex will yield a higher level of competition.

“It’s going to make people more active because NKU has the facilities needed to compete on a higher level,” Graham said.

In addition to holding intramural games, the complex is open for students to practice on or to have fun with friends. Freshman computer science major, Shane Jansen uses the fields throughout the week to play soccer with friends.

“It gives us a place for everyone to play,” Jansen said. “It definitely has a positive effect on the campus.”

With the weather starting to warm up, Hicks encourages students to venture to the complex to utilize everything they have to offer.

“We have equipment to rent, obviously nice turf fields, restrooms, water fountains, and it’s just a place for people to come down and relax and get away from the norm, kind of like the game room,” said Hicks.

The IM field complex is generally open every day, but a full schedule can be found at