Senior focuses on hitting to round out her game

Troy Bendgen, Staff Writer

Shot and edited by Troy Bendgen
Senior second baseman Dee Dee Davis has used hard work and dedication to establish herself as a hitting threat every time she steps to the plate.

Not only does Davis, a math education major, lead the team in home runs with five, but she also has 16 runs batted in, which has her one RBI behind the team leader.

Davis was recruited for NKU’s softball team based on her defensive game, but she has worked on her hitting to make her an all-around better player in each facet of the game.

She was always one of the better hitters on her high school team, but once she got to NKU she really found her stroke of the bat, according to Davis.

Head coach Kathy Stewart knows how hard Davis has worked in her collegiate softball career and attributes her success to hard work.

“She has been very consistent and methodical,” Stewart said. “She is a product of hard work and doing what has been asked of her, and she has become quite a hitter.”

When Davis, or any of her teammates, gets a hit, it can propel their offense to greater heights. Stewart said hitting is contagious and that one hit can lead to other players having success in the rotation.

For Davis, she feels that a great hitter must have many elements.

“To be a great hitter you have to be patient, but aggressive, confident in what you are doing, and you have to work hard at it,” Davis said.

Before even entering the batter’s box, a player must have a plan on what she wants to do. Davis has her own preferences on what she looks for with different pitch counts.

“With an 0-0 count, I am looking for a pitch middle-inside and when I get deeper into the count, my range has to widen a bit, “ Davis said.

She also said that it depends on the game and the situation to decide what pitch she is looking for.

Players have their pitch of choice and for Davis, her favorite to hit, or her “sweet spot,” is a fastball to the inside. Though she prefers this pitch, she feels comfortable hitting the ball where she needs to in order to help her teammates score.

Davis is finishing up her softball career this semester and after that, she will pursue a teaching career.